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Monday, 5 March 2018
Test Day

Stan is having an angiogram and bilateral lower extremity runoff angiogram this morning.   My concern today is the anti-coagulants and if they do the angiogram through the leg.  He bled badly for about 45 minutes when he had that before and hadn't been on anti-coagulants.  If he needs stints, they will likely be done during the procedure.  I spoke with one of the cardiologists last night about his heart and the symptoms.  He has been really short of breath upon exertion and we assumed it was the COPD.  The doctor said some of it may have been the heart.  If that is the case, he will be better after they fix whatever is weakening his heart.  He was asking me stuff about what he should have done as he was reading the release.  I told him to do whatever is going to make him better.

The infection doctor came in last night and said the cultures showed a non-resistant staff in his blood and no infection in the bones.  I knew about what he had before we went to the emergency room.  Fortunately, it isn't as bad this time.  He will only need a couple of weeks of IV antibiotics. 

His stay has not been without incident.  He has managed to survive everything.  Dietary has been very accommodating.  He isn't eating so when I asked for just soup, they send two bowls.  He's getting lots of jell-o.  He just isn't hungry.  He got a sandwich and two bowls of chicken noodle soup last night and ate both bowls and about half the sandwich - quite an improvement; however, he didn't digest the food well and was almost sick.  He's had too many antibiotics. 

Well, back to the hospital to await the procedure and hopefully more good news.

Posted by stormi36 at 5:52 AM CST
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