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Welcome to our web site!

 We are well into 2022 and things have changed a lot since last year. Life is almost back to normal. I was elected to City Council in November 2020. Stan campaigned with me and we made a pretty good team. I was re-elected in May 2022 and continue to serve.

 I have taken on more volunteer work for Watauga and am enjoying it. I continue to serve on several boards as well as City Council and am a member of the Volunteers in Public Service. I love riding with one of the drivers in the Volunteer vehicle. It gives a presence in the community.

  I don't do a lot of updates to this page - maybe one a year. It used to be a lot more important to me than it is now. If you try to email me, the link may not work since the host of my webpage changed and I have yet to reconfigure the mail link. If you know me, you can find me on FB.

 I will not be adding any additional photo pages in the foreseeable future. My software doesn't work on the new computer and hand coding is far too tedious for so little interest.

This page was last updated on August 5, 2022.