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Welcome to our web site!

 We are well into 2021 and things have changed a lot since last year. Life is almost back to normal and now we have new Covid challenges. I was elected to City Council in November 2020. Stan campaigned with me and we made a pretty good team. The challenges we faced once elected were difficult, but coming through it all was rewarding.

 One of the things we learned during our mandated confinement was that we do pretty well together. We began ordering more things on line from local stores and doing a lot of curb-side and delivery. The first time we actually went to a grocery store felt like Christmas! We've become more focused than ever of shopping locally. We also learned that Watauga Texas is a really great place to live. During the pandemic, everyone was helping everyone. We have a "Buy Nothing" group that helped a lot of us clean out duplicate and unwanted, usable items while helping others that had limited resources. During Snovid-21, people who could drive were delivering groceries, fire wood and water to those who couldn't. When the thaw began, those who had the equipment rushed to help people vacuum water from their homes and repair damages.

 I will not be adding any additional photo pages in the foreseeable future. My software doesn't work on the new computer and hand coding is far too tedious for so little interest.

This page was last updated on August 1, 2021.